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Surrender and Rescue policy 


VB Chinchillas takes in both surrendered chinchillas and rescued chinchillas. When surrendering your chinchilla we please ask that the chinchilla(s) comes with a carrier, feed and any supplies that owner no longer needs. Cages are not a need so we do not ask to have any cages. We ask that a date and time be scheduled for drop off. If you are going to be late please keep me informed. 

WHEN CHINCHILLAS ARE SURRENDERED THEY ARE NO LONGER OWNERS CHINCHILLA. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR THE CHINCHILLA(S) BACK AS I MUST REFUSE. We are here to help the chinchilla(s) to find them wonderful and loving homes. Owners surrender when they are unable to care, can’t afford, moving elsewhere and do not want their chinchilla anymore. We understand schedules can be busy so it is hard to handle your chinchilla as the same time. If in need of help finding homes for your chinchillas we are able to do that. If needing to surrender we are always happy to help in that case as well. 

Male and female pairs will be separated, female will go into quarantine for 111 days incase any possible pregnancy. If animal is in healthy well taken care of condition they will be ready for rehoming unless otherwise said. 


Rescues come in different conditions and shapes. Skinny, dirty, matted, uncared for, hungry and left behind etc. We do NOT get rescues in often but when we do we be sure to quarantine them for 2 or more weeks incase of any unknown illnesses or diseases. With any new chinchilla(s) you should quarantine for at least 2 weeks and wash your hands in between handling. Rescues will get the vet care they need if needed (same with surrenders) and will get the TLC they need so the time they are available for rehoming they are happy, healthy and ready to go. Please love and care for your chinchillas daily. They are wonderful!