VB Chinchillas

VB Chinchillas



About Us 

  Chinchilla breeder located in Virginia Beach, VA. Breeding for health, improvement and friendly pet quality chinchillas with a good temper.  Our kits are handled daily to ensure they are friendly when going home. We mainly focus on Standards, Hetero beiges and Pink whites but do have other mutations we work to improve on. We are members of both the MCBA (Mutation Chinchilla Breeder Association) and the ECBC (Empress Chinchillas Breeders Cooperative). I am registered under the ranch brand MTAY. I am a director of the Southern Atlantic Branch for Empress and the Secretary of the MCBA Atlantic chapter. My goal for my breeding is to improve each offspring in size, clairity, confirmation and fur strength by pairing the DAM and SIRE to compliment each other here at my home.


If you are planning on breeding please contact a reputable breeder and make a plan for your breeding. I suggest Tiffany Whitlow if you are in Virginia or North Carolina. Tiffany if my mentor. If you need any help finding a mentor please contact me and I can help you the best I can to find a reputable breeder or you can find breeders in my education/vendors sections on the MCBA and ECBC website.

 Proud to announce that we have recieved our very first, second place Jr breeder award, a second place breeder award and our proud breeding of a Reserve Grandshow Champion Standard female. (MTAY J5)